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Buy and Sell Music, CD & Vinyls on the go with a Snapshot.


Key Features

Discover & Buy

Browse, discover and buy exciting and rare items to add to your collection.


Create stunning listings in seconds. Simply snap and upload a photo. Add a description for a personal touch.


List your item on our featured list. Display it as three dimensional image. Pin it to the top of the search results.


Create a wish list of favourites to look at later.


Send private messages to other collectors for more information about an item they are selling.


Share your listed items with your friends on social media.
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Enjoyed Everywhere

Move the music collector marketplace forward together

Fannabee Go is the music collector app you’ve been waiting for.
Search for music to purchase on your smartphone! Share and sell your own treasured items by taking a photo of the item, upload and list for sale in seconds.


Fannabee Go

Joy in the Fun

Enjoy the experience of buying, selling, connecting and collecting with the most addicted music collectors.

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